Phantom F4K Royal Navy
Aircraft Carrier Fighter/Supersonic Interceptor
Ground Attack/Strike.
Conveniently Forgotten In the National Cold War Exhibition at RAF Cosford there is an F4K in 892 Sqn "Queen's Silver Jubilee" markings although, for the viewing public, there is no reference to this being a Royal Navy airframe. archive Alan Sheppard.
"Tail piece" A visitor with little knowledge of recent history could be forgiven for believing that the RAF had won the Cold War or had been the only allied participant. archive Alan Sheppard.
XZ458 of 800 Sqn (251). 1980. The end of Royal Navy Catapult and Arrester Gear Aviation. The new generation Sea Harrier flys past HMS Ark Royal under tow to the Breakers Yard.
Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy
Phantom F4K
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